The World’s Smallest Turbocharger

The World’s Smallest Turbocharger

IHI Corp of Japan has just developed the world’s smallest turbocharger. It is 20% smaller than existing models. It will be used in minicars manufactured by Daihatsu and numerous European carmakers. The next question is, where will this turbocharger go?

G25-550 turbocharger

Known for its compact size, the Garrett G25-550 Turbocharger is ideally suited for medium-frame vehicles, imports, and sport-compact vehicles. It comes with either an internal or free-floating wastegate turbine housing. Its recommended horsepower range is 300-550 hp. This turbocharger is also suitable for twin-turbo applications.

The G25-550 turbocharger is the smallest turbo in the Garrett G-Series lineup, yet it still produces plenty of power and spools fast. It features state-of-the-art aerodynamics and a 60mm billet compressor wheel. It is available with either a standard or reverse rotation option.

It features a new speed sensor that requires no length adjustment. Unlike other speed sensors, the G25-550’s sensor has a unique design and is no longer compatible with GTX or GT sensors. It also has a new o-ring between the compressor housing and backplate to improve durability. The new one-piece center housing and backplate also reduce failure points. The G25-550 is a perfect choice for an SR20DET that has an external wastegate.

VZ21 turbocharger

This turbo is a compact turbo that is an excellent fit for small engines. It features an internal wastegate and can produce anywhere from 23 to 100 HP. The VZ21 turbo is ideal for turbocharging motorcycles, scooters, ATVs, and small cars. It is also perfect for turbocharging small vehicles such as a Go Kart.

The VZ21 Mini Turbocharger is specifically designed for small engines, such as snowmobiles and motorcycles. It is designed to fit vehicles with small engines, such as the Polaris Outlaw MXR 525S. It can also be used on cars, trucks, and motorcycles.

Club Boost Line turbochargers

The Garrett Club Boost Line turbochargers are designed for small engine displacements and are available in four horsepower ranges. They feature journal-bearing rotating groups and internal wastegate turbine housings. They support between 200 and 350 horsepower and are suitable for engines from 0.4 to 2.5 liters. The Club Boost Line turbochargers start at $982.

The Club Boost Line turbocharger features a compact design and high efficiency. These turbochargers are oil-cooled and have an internal wastegate. Garrett technicians calibrate them to optimize performance. The turbocharger features a 0.5 bar actuator but can be ordered with higher pressure settings if required. Its outlet has a 5-bolt pattern, the same as the GT25/GT28 turbochargers.

Club Boost Line turbochargers are available with a traditional 2.5-inch compressor hose or an integrated vband outlet. They also feature pre-machining for a shaft speed sensor. This sensor is one of the most critical data points for turbo cars. Furthermore, blade aerodynamics have been improved through high-tech aerodynamic work.

Garrett small wastegate turbochargers

Small wastegate turbochargers are an ideal solution for small-displacement diesel engines that require increased power density and fuel efficiency. These compact turbos can deliver 30kW to 120kW of power while offering enhanced aerodynamics and emissions control. The compact design also provides increased packaging flexibility.

In addition to their high power density, small wastegate turbos also feature improved low-end efficiency, aerodynamics, and low-end torque. They also feature the latest Garrett Z-Ultra bearing that improves low-end torque and enhances oil sealing. Furthermore, Garrett small wastegate turbos offer an excellent transient response and reduced oil consumption.

Garrett small wastegate turbochargers are available in various designs to fit multiple engine applications. Many turbos come with dual-stage designs, while others feature single-stage designs. Each design has a specific purpose and is tailored for a particular application.

The company was founded by Cliff Garrett in 1936 and has grown into the world’s largest manufacturer of turbochargers. With plants in North America, Europe, and Asia, Garrett employs over 6,000 employees. The company has always been active in racing, and its racing involvement has helped it develop advanced design concepts and improve engine performance.

The Garrett GT15 compact turbochargers are ideal for small-displacement gasoline and diesel engines. Their housings are compatible with various engine types, from 2.0L to 5.5L. They deliver up to 900 horsepower while occupying a smaller footprint than comparable products. This gives these turbochargers greater flexibility and durability.

The Garrett T25 Turbo is a medium-sized turbo with an oil and water-cooled bearing system. It is recommended for smaller engines requiring up to 270 horsepower. Garrett offers three models to fit the needs of every type of driver. They make turbochargers in a variety of sizes, from small to large.

The Garrett TST Series turbos offer excellent fuel efficiency and transient performance. These turbos can be used in various vehicles, from motorcycles and snowmobiles to large construction equipment. They are also available in multiple configurations and can be used on all fuel types.

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The World’s Smallest Turbocharger
The World’s Smallest Turbocharger
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