What is the Outcome When You Put a Banks Intake Together With a Dual Stage Exhaust?

What is the Outcome When You Put a Banks Intake Together With a Dual Stage Exhaust?

The Banks Ram-Air intake is designed to increase your engine’s performance. You’ll notice the difference in your engine’s power and acceleration. The dual-stage design also increases the airflow into your engine. Both types of intake are highly recommended if you want to get the most from your machine.


Putting a dual stage and a Bank intake together is a great way to increase the performance of your engine. Combining these components will increase your engine’s air density, horsepower, and torque. The Banks intake manifold will increase the inlet area by more than 20 percent, while the dual-stage injectors add volumetric air density to the cylinder head. This boost in air density results in smoother engine output.


You can put a dual-stage performance exhaust system on your truck to improve the power and performance of your vehicle. Banks has developed a method for GM trucks specifically designed to enhance the performance of the Ram-Air Intake System. This intake system reduces exhaust temperatures by 15 percent and reduces back pressure by 85 percent. It also reduces heat damage during DPF regeneration.

This system replaces the factory air box, paper filter, and inlet tubing. It is 82% less restrictive than the stock intake system, which gives your truck more power and throttle response. It replaces the factory intake hardware in your EcoBoost truck.


Installation of a Banks intake together with a dual-stage exhaust system can result in a significant boost in horsepower and torque. The dual-stage system adds water to the charge air system, increasing the cylinders’ volumetric air density. This boost in air density increases the cylinder’s power potential and reduces EGTs. A dual-stage system also adds fuel to the cylinders, which boosts horsepower and torque. Banks have reported up to 80 hp with their Banks Power Blend system. This system uses a complex controller to inject fuel and reduce emissions.

Once you’ve purchased a Banks intake, you need to install it. Installing the Banks intake is easy and requires a few tools. You’ll need a hacksaw or electric handsaw to remove the bottom of the filter housing. This step is crucial since the filter is large.

The Monster Ram will need a custom fuel line. Using a medium-strength thread lock is essential to ensure a leak-free installation. Also, remember to secure the Banks Monster-Ram cables using zip ties properly, and provide you’re working away from any heat source.

Before installing the Banks Grid Heater Delete Gasket, remove the existing fuel rail by unscrewing the four bolts. Remove the old Intake Air Temperature sensor and clean the sealing surfaces. Then, install the Banks Grid Heater Delete Plate.

The Banks Power Six Gun tuner is one of the most popular in the diesel truck performance industry, but the company has also expanded into gas-powered trucks with exhaust kits. Its Ram-Air(r) intake system for 2011-2014 Ford F150 EcoBoost trucks includes:

  • A complete air box assembly.
  • A deep-pleated Banks Lifetime Air Filter.
  • A PCV adapter.
  • Silicone couplers and clamps.

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What is the Outcome When You Put a Banks Intake Together With a Dual Stage Exhaust?
What is the Outcome When You Put a Banks Intake Together With a Dual Stage Exhaust?
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